Dear Clients,

Please note that I will be travelling on Saturday 18 November 2017 on a short break, and will then go on to attend to a few family matters/commitments.

I hope to return to London just before Christmas. Hopefully on the 22nd or 23rd of December. But I am not sure of the date yet.

I may be back earlier, or later.

If you would like to receive a notification when I am back, please send me a text/sms on 078 5197 6445 (UK) or +44 (0) 78 5197 6445 (if you use an international number) simply saying “notify” and I will text you when I return to London.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to treating you to one of my massage therapies upon my return.


November 17, 2017
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Shiraz Roy

PLEASE NOTE that all clients (both new and regular) are required to agree to my terms before making their booking. Thank you.


Like most professional massage therapists, I operate a 24 hour cancellation policy.

The full cost of the treatment you booked will be charged if you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Please scroll down for a more detailed explanation, depending on the booking option you choose.


You will have to call or text me on the day you wish to meet, check my availability and make the booking. If you don’t show up, or cancel the booking (as it will be less than 24 hours if it is a same day booking), you will be liable for the full payment. I will text you my bank details, and you will have to make the full payment for the missed booking.

If you don’t, then I will legally pursue you for the full payment. I’m registered with the lnland Revenue and the procedure of making a claim online on the Government Gateway website is simple and is welcomed by us freelance professionals. I can also claim legal fees from you.


You will have to contact me with the date and time you want to meet. I will check my schedule and get back to you ASAP. Once we have agreed on a suitable date and time, I will send you my bank details and you will have to make the payment via bank transfer.

Once you’ve made the transfer, let me know. I’ll check my bank account and let you know once the payment has arrived, and confirm the booking. If you don’t turn up, or cancel the booking with less than 24 hours’ notice, the payment will NOT be refunded. However, if you cancel the booking with at least 24 hours’ notice, I will refund the payment you made, in full. I believe in being fair and reasonable.


Thankfully I have never had to do this yet! But in case of emergency, I will notify you immediately. If I cancel the booking, and you have already made an advanced payment (advanced booking), I shall refund the amount you paid in full. I will also offer you the option of changing the booking date and time, if you wish. Rescheduling the treatment or requiring a full refund is entirely the client’s decision.

I hope this post is clear enough. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by CLICKING HERE.

November 8, 2017
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Shiraz Roy

Please note that I am available throughout the Halloween days!

On Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st October, and on Wednesday 1st November, I will be working regular hours; from 10:00am until 10:00pm as usual.

I do take breaks in between massages but my schedule is often flexible.

Halloween time can be rather quiet for bookings, as are any other party days. But please make your bookings as early as possible.

If you would like to secure a particular slot, then please Click Here for booking options or visit the following link. Thank you.

Payment Options for Bookings, Terms and Conditions, Cancellations and Refunds.

Shiraz Roy

A simple full body massage treatment is performed using my hands on the client’s body.

The client lays on my massage table, and both the back and front of his body will be massaged.

I use long strokes (Sri Lankan Ayurvedic style) and use organic coconut oil, sometimes mixed with a bit other oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, almond oil etc.

After the massage, the client can either have a shower, or choose to be wiped down with an absorbent towel.

Prices are as follows;

30 minutes – £30
45 minutes – £40
1 hour – £50
1.5 hours – £70

For bookings, please call or text 078 5197 6445

Shiraz Roy


Relaxing Massage (using Hands, performed on Massage Table):

30 mins – £30
45 minutes – £40
1 hour – £50
1.5 hours – £70

Unique 3 Step Massage (using Hands, Elbows, Arms, Knees & Feet and performed on Massage Table and Yoga Mat on Floor). Please CLICK HERE for a detailed explanation of this massage.

1 hour – £70
1.5 hours – £90

* Please note that shorter treatments for this unique 3 part massage session is also available although clients seldom ask for it. The majority of clients go for the 1 hour treatment, but if you would like to sample shorter versions, prices are as follows;

30 mins – £50
45 minutes – £60

Shiraz Roy

Lately I had a client who asked me if I could do my 1-hour massage treatment without any deep tissue movements or deep pressure. I did. This costs £20 less than advertised on the website’s homepage, so it’s £50 for 1 hour.

But this can be quite tricky if the client still wants to experience my unique 3-step treatment. There are two ways in which I can do this.

Method 1: I do the 3 step treatment mixing Sri Lankan, Thai and Keralan techniques, but with less pressure, while using my hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet.

Method 2: I avoid step 2 and 3 (the use of my arms, elbows, knees and feet) and only stick to using my hands throughout the massage.

It all depends on what the client wants. Some want Method 1. Others prefer Method 2. Some might even ask for Method 2, but request me to use my arms as well.

I can customise the treatment to suit the client’s needs and preferences.

Shiraz Roy

I recently had a regular client of mine ask if I can include more footwork in the massage (which is step 3 in my unique 3-step massage treatment. CLICK HERE for a detailed explanation).

The answer is “Yes, I can do that, but then I’d have to cut back on step 1 or 2 in the massage treatment, depending on the duration of the massage treatment you want (60 mns or 90 mns?).”

I request clients who want more footwork to inform me upfront while making the booking. Thank you.

Shiraz Roy

Lately I have had 2 customers who told me that their wives found my website online and encouraged them to go for my massage. I also had a call from a lady who inquired about making a booking for her husband. This made me realise that I could tap into this aspect of the market too and offer gift vouchers!

So if you’re interested in treating your Friend, Partner or Loves One to a unique 3 step massage treatment, then please contact me and I will discuss it with you. It’s pretty simple. I’ll send you an email or text and you can forward it to the person you’d like to treat, and then they can make the booking at their convenience.

But please note that payment for Gift Vouchers must be done upfront by bank transfer. That’s pretty obvious, I’m sure! And the receiver should use the voucher within 30 days.

Shiraz Roy