Lately I had a client who asked me if I could do my 1-hour massage treatment without any deep tissue movements or deep pressure. I did. This costs £20 less than advertised on the website’s homepage, so it’s £50 for 1 hour.

But this can be quite tricky if the client still wants to experience my unique 3-step treatment. There are two ways in which I can do this.

Method 1: I do the 3 step treatment mixing Sri Lankan, Thai and Keralan techniques, but with less pressure, while using my hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet.

Method 2: I avoid step 2 and 3 (the use of my arms, elbows, knees and feet) and only stick to using my hands throughout the massage.

It all depends on what the client wants. Some want Method 1. Others prefer Method 2. Some might even ask for Method 2, but request me to use my arms as well.

I can customise the treatment to suit the client’s needs and preferences.

Shiraz Roy

I recently had a regular client of mine ask if I can include more footwork in the massage (which is step 3 in my unique 3-step massage treatment. CLICK HERE for a detailed explanation).

The answer is “Yes, I can do that, but then I’d have to cut back on step 1 or 2 in the massage treatment, depending on the duration of the massage treatment you want (60 mns or 90 mns?).”

I request clients who want more footwork to inform me upfront while making the booking. Thank you.

Shiraz Roy

Lately I have had 2 customers who told me that their wives found my website online and encouraged them to go for my massage. I also had a call from a lady who inquired about making a booking for her husband. This made me realise that I could tap into this aspect of the market too and offer gift vouchers!

So if you’re interested in treating your Friend, Partner or Loves One to a unique 3 step massage treatment, then please contact me and I will discuss it with you. It’s pretty simple. I’ll send you an email or text and you can forward it to the person you’d like to treat, and then they can make the booking at their convenience.

But please note that payment for Gift Vouchers must be done upfront by bank transfer. That’s pretty obvious, I’m sure! And the receiver should use the voucher within 30 days.

Shiraz Roy

This article is for those of you who prefer to read everything in one go rather than sift through different blog posts that explain each stage of my unique 3-step massage treatment. So, here it is… 3 different stages of my massage explained in one detailed article. Please feel free to comment and/or share on social media. Thank you.


During Stage 1, I warm up your body using my fingers and palms with warm oil. After the body is warmed up with my palms, I move on to using my knuckles and eventually, the outer sides of my palms. I also do a tapping and drumming motion using my fingers; both with tendons and then tips. Both sides of your body; front and back will be treated. This is a fully body massage within the full body massage! There are also long strokes that I administer on the body to knead and treat the muscles, ease tension and relax you.


Stage 2 is Thai-style deep tissue. It’s more like I put my own twist on it, so it is Thai-inspired! This is when I use my elbows on your body, using movements and motions that are highly effective in dealing with stress knots in your body, and also relaxing your muscles. Blood circulation is also stimulated. I can use medium or even deeper pressure (if you prefer). This is mostly done to the back of the body. But certain parts of the front of your body will also be treated.

Once this is complete, I move on to administering a different touch; using my arms. This also helps relax the muscles that have been stimulated and kneaded. I use my arms in 2 different ways. I don’t like giving away too much about my technique, so you can experience it when you book a massage treatment with me.


The final stage of the unique massage treatment is the stage during which I, the masseur, use my feet to massage your body. I also use my knees on certain parts of your body.
The knee part is something I came up with, as a slight variation on the Kalari massage technique from Kerala. The usage of feet is common in Kalari massage.

Many clients who experience stage 3 during my massage session tell me that they have never experienced anything like this before. Some return and become regular clients. Some also tell their friends and recommend me, which is always flattering.

While Step 1 & 2 are performed on the massage table, Step 3 is done on a Yoga mat on the floor. It is a rather thick yoga mat so it is comfortable.

For bookings, please contact me on 078 5197 6445

I look forward to treating you.


Shiraz Roy

Ever since I decided to be available on Sundays (which used to be my off day!), my schedule becomes full on Sundays.

On the last 2 Sundays (30th April and 7th May), I was fully booked. Most of the bookings were made in advance, so I could not take in any new clients.

For advanced booking options, please see my updated terms by CLICKING HERE (it’s a detailed blog). If you don’t have time to read all of that, then I can sum it up for you as; “Advanced bookings on a Sunday must be paid for by bank transfer on the day before (Saturday) latest. You can always pay earlier than that if you like. If you don’t turn up,. or cancel the booking, the fee will NOT be refunded.”

You can also choose to make a same day booking by calling me on the day you want to meet and checking my availability. At least 1 hour’s notice will be sufficient enough. But if you make a booking and don’t turn up, or cancel by contacting me after making the booking, you will be liable to make the full payment for the missed booking into my bank account.

I can’t afford to have my schedule messed up, lose other clients, and also lose income due to those who can’t understand the simple fact t hat “time is money!” Most independent Masseurs, and even salons, spas and massage parlours do put up with no-shows and last-minute cancellations as they feel that this is “part of the job.”

I never put up with this. I think it shows a lack of respect for one’s profession, time and schedule and a lack of consideration. Those are not the type of clients I would want to treat. I only treat genuine clients who agree to my terms by understanding that this is my job.

Some clients may not like to hear that. They may not even agree to my terms. In this case, I prefer not to see them. I would rather see fewer clients who are trustworthy, than have my time wasted by clients who don’t have basic courtesy. I am sure all genuine clients who read this blog post would understand exactly what I mean.

I have the energy to see a number of clients per day, but I do space it all out so I can have repeated breaks. Sometimes, I may not be able to work for half a day, or even the full day, due to other commitments.

Not seeing too many clients on a daily basis is a good thing. This means I don’t get exhausted or stressed and I am able to give my 100% to every client I treat.

So, if you would like to make a booking for Sunday, please call or text me on 078 5197 6445

Thank you.

May 11, 2017
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Shiraz Roy

Due to popular demand, I am now available on Sundays as well! Sunday used to be my off-day, but I get several calls from (mostly) new clients on Sundays, so I have decided to be available on Sundays as well, during this Spring/Summer season.

I am now available from 10am until 10pm, 7 days a week. I usually allow breaks in between clients so I can rest. My unique 3 step massage treatment is physically demanding for me, so I allow time for resting between clients, so I can recover.

This way, I can provide every client with my best service. If you would like to make a booking, just call or text me on 078 5197 6445

Thank you.

Shiraz Roy

There’s nothing like a good massage treatment after working out at the gym! It helps your muscles recover faster.

It also helps reduce inflammation caused by exercise. Massage also helps increase production of mitochondria in the muscles. These use oxygen and the broken down products of food to generate energy needed by the cells. As muscle cells become adapted to endurance exercise, the number of mitochondria increases. Massage helps support this process along.

While I do my 90 minute massage treatment, I sometimes also use stretching movements, especially when the client is visiting me after a gym workout.

If you would like to book a massage after your gym workout, then please let me know upfront. A 60 minute session could also work wonders! It’s also the perfect way to unwind after some hard labour, especially for those men who work in manual labour. I do have some builders among my clientele, as well as several gym-users and fitness fanatics.

Shiraz Roy
male massage london

male massage london

With extremely wide-ranging benefits, from alleviating back pain to enhancing immunity, it appears that we could all be boosting our health by taking more massages. The upsides of massage can also be felt psychologically, as touch is such an imperative factor in human well-being.

To reap maximum benefits from massage, it is important to find a skilled masseur and then stick with them for regular sessions, as opposed to trying out a new clinic or masseur every time. First of all, trust is vitally important when it comes to the masseur/client relationship. Attending your first session with a new masseur can be a nerve-wracking experience; after all, lying unclothed on a massage table can make anyone feel a little vulnerable. A true professional will make you feel perfectly at-ease, and you’ll see that removing your clothes is a purely practical way for you to gain the most you can from the massage.

Having regular sessions with the same masseur will also ensure that you get the most value out of your appointments. In your initial appointment, it is customary to explain to your new masseur about any ailments or health problems you may have (be it physical or mental), so that they can adapt their practice to best suit your needs.

srilankan male massage london

srilankan male massage london

Your masseur will then gauge how you react to the techniques that they use on your body, and may seek your guidance throughout the session or discuss with you at the end of the session about how you felt about the techniques administered. Next time you come along, there will be no further explanation needed, your masseur will get straight to work on your body in exactly the way it needs to be treated. This is truly how you will get the most out of your sessions, which is imperative when you’re spending money to see a professional masseur.

So when you find a masseur who is easy to communicate with, especially one that puts you at ease in their company, and who you find to be truly skilled, don’t let them go! There’s nothing worse than attending a session with a new masseur, lying down expectantly and finding that their style of massage just isn’t for you. Perhaps they haven’t accurately gauged your needs and never quite work out the knots of tension in your back, or their style is too rough or too soft even when you ask them to adjust their pressure. So to feel your sense of well-being soar, find a masseur who understands you and your specific requirements and then book yourself in for a block of treatments with this one person.

Shiraz Roy